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Africa's leading Independent Public Policy Think Tank

Efficacy Methodology (EM) is Africa's leading independent non-profit public policy think tank. Our headquarter is in Kampala, Uganda. Plot 21 Ntinda. We are also working towards establishing collaborative administrative secretariats in Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Ghana, Botswana and Angola.

EM was founded by a team of experts from the Research, Public Policy & Evaluation fields who are motivated to cause a paradigm shift in the public policy discourse. Our focus is on integrating evidence-based practice in all the public policy decisions in Africa.

Several studies underpinned the urgent need for a rational approach to governance practices in Africa and we are positioned to walk with policy actors globally to support Africa to adopt the much-desired informed approach.

Our vision
We strive to become Africa's best model think tank that advances evidence-based public policy practice through a robust research and evaluation.

Our mission
To unify public policy actors into appreciating the use of data for rational policy making across Africa.

Core values
  • Ethics 
  • Innovation 
  • Equality 
  • Excellence
  • Independent
Strategic Plan
You can download a copy here Strategic Plan 
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