Private Sector Engagement and Academic Institutions

Africa can no longer underrate the contributions of the private sector and academic institutions in shaping public policy practice to attain sustainable development. 

As a policy focused organization, we recognized that these institutions are critical in improving public policy. We work with the private sector and academic institutions along our path to contributing to Africa.

We are aware that the private sector is broad and comes in many forms; thus, the reason we define the private sector in five different priority areas;

Although In some cases, there are overlaps between categories:

  1. The business community: companies that operate within and across countries and whose core business is primarily outside education but, we focus on manufacturing. Our interest here is to link their practice to the impact of climate change and the environment.
  2. Providers of ancillary education services: companies that produce/sell goods and services that support the education sector. (e.g. publishing bodies, infrastructure, training, connectivity, IT, financial services).
  3. Providers of core education services: Organizations running education services such as; high schools, out-of-school tutoring, training facilities and Universities. We are particularly interested in research from Universities and how their findings can be translated into practical solutions and inform public policy discourse. Our core priority is Research, Public Policy, Impact Evaluation, Political Science, and Governance. 
  4. Membership associations for private sector operators: operating mainly at the national level, but also at the international level ( e.g. associations of professional bodies)
  5. Media Institutions: the media and the fourth estate role is critical for the dissemination of all our engagements, and we, therefore, value our media institutions and work closely with them in advancing our noble course. However, we are critical of media organizations that have not demonstrated consistency in communications and philosophy.