The COVID-19 has exacerbated high social and economic constraints on the continent. For Africa to shape its path to achieving the SDGs, it ought to leverage its demographic dividends. A World Bank study indicates that by 2050, Africa will be home to half a billion people under 25years. Therefore, it is now imperative that we invest in the future of young people.

EM-Leadership Fellowship is an initiative to mould the next generation of leaders into holistic individuals competent of creating a paradigm shift in public policy practice and effectively contribute to SDGs and shape climate action.

The fellowship is an annual program tailored to build the next policy leaders of Africa. Owing to COVID-19, this year's fellowship will be a virtual training program designed to cover 2-3 months of virtual learning and practical engagements. The program will facilitate collaboration between young people heading or working in youth-led organizations focusing on SDGs.

The fellowship will nurture African change markers and develop them into thought leaders on SDGs through training and mentorship.

The fellowship will focus on four key areas; Patriotism & Pan-Africanism, Leadership, Policy Analysis, Climate Action and Advocacy. A total of ten(10) fellows will be selected based on merits.
  • EM Leadership Fellowship will build you into an outstanding thought leader in the SDGs arena. 
  • Fellows will obtain a certified certificate of a change maker from Efficacy Methodology and Partners 
  • Fellows will have the opportunity to collaborate and interact with players in the SDG space
A suitable candidate ought to posses the following qualification;
  • Be a person between 18-29 years
  • Be a national of the East African Community 
  • Have at least a Diploma or an equivalent from a reputable University or Academic Institution 
  • Must be actively involved in impacting SDGs or a person impacting their communities on any of the SDGs
  • Applicants must write a personal statement of not more than 1000 words 
  • Must have a laptop and be able to access a stable internet connection
  • Ladies/Women are encouraged to apply
Fellowship timeline
  •  Call for Application: Efficacy Methodology will begin receiving applications on 29th September 2021 and close on 29th October 2021. All interested applicants must submit an application letter, personal statement, CV, one recommendation letter, copies of academic documents in a single pdf. doc. to 
  • Selection: The selection of fellows will commence on 1st -22nd November 2021. EM is an equal opportunity organization, and any attempt to compromise the process will lead to automatic disqualification. 
  • Notification: Successful applicants will be informed of their selection in the week of 29th November 2021 -3rd December 2021
  • Commencement of the fellowship: The fellowship shall commence on 10th January 2022 - 28th March 2022
Efficacy Methodology is open to partnerships to deliver this fellowship. Any interested organization or an individual who wishes to be part of this can reach us at 
1.  You can donate directly for the fellowship by clicking  
2. Efficacy Methodology does NOT require any payment from its application process