Ass. Prof. Dr. Eddy Bruno Esien, PhD.

A distinguished professor of Public & Social Policy at Charles University (Prague-Czech Republic)

Ass. Prof. Dr Eddy Bruno Esien (Cameroonian-Austrian) earned his PhD in Public & Social Policy from Charles University (Prague-Czech Republic). He obtained three Master of Social Science Degrees from Tampere University, Finland; Johannes Kepler University Linz-Austria; and Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius-Lithuania and one Bachelor of Science Degree from Johannes Kepler University Linz-Austria. Currently, he is an Asst. Prof. and a lecturer for Public & Social Policy at Charles University in Prague -Czech Republic.

He was a guest lecturer at the following Universities: Department of Migration & Globalization, Donau University, Krems-Austria (Spring 2017); Department of Social Work & Public Policy, University of Applied Science, Linz-Austria (Spring 2018); Visiting Professor at the Department of Management, University of Applied Science, Vilnius-Lithuania (Spring 2021); and guest speaker at the Department of Public Administration, STIAMI Institute, Jakarta-Indonesia (Spring 2021 & 2022).

He has guaranteed courses and designed syllabuses and instructional materials as well as taught, graded, and supervised students in Bachelor, Master, & PhD programmes (on and offline) with his innovative, analytical, creative problem-solving, constructivist, & student-centric teaching approaches in the Department of Public & Social Policy, Charles University, Prague – Czech Republic (2017-Present).

He is a member of several professional conference scientific committees board, academic journal editorial boards, & organisations. His teaching and research interests include democracy, bureaucracy, governance, public administration, ethic and values, public and social policy analysis, constitutionalism, sustainable development & peace building, comparative institutions/politics, Youth, CSOs, political economy/culture, welfare states, labour economics and industrial relations, local government, migration & ethnic minority studies etc.

He has published several articles in national and international double-blinded peer-reviewed professional scientific journals