Economic Growth & Development

Economic growth and development are not a new phenomenon in the African realm, and several institutions across the world have attempted to combat it but, its still seen in most part of the continent.  Our approach aligns growth-promoting policies that allow the poor to participate fully in the opportunities unleashed and contribute to that growth.We also understand policies are not only for those at the top but also meant to shape behavior at the grassroots.

 Therefore, we undertake community education as an intervention to create awareness on some of these key policy issues.In the recent past, most African countries have had faster economic growth averaging at 5 percent annually. However, we believe that for these growth to be sustainable and translated to the locals' key policies must be addressed and encourage more inclusive growth. 

Thus, we use well-researched to help the governments and institutions become more inclusive in their policy approach.We have particularly prioritized areas that will ensure labor markets work better, remove gender inequalities and increase financial inclusion and the issues of poverty, gender inequality, corruption, land, and unemployment are critical.